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Rat/Rodent Treatment

Rats may eat or contaminate human food, carry ectoparasites such as mites and fleas into close human contact, cause allergies in sensitive individuals, and be disease carriers. In addition, there can be direct effects (not indirect such as disease transmission) of rodents on health such as biting.
When rats or mice heavily infest a building, the place may become infested with human-biting mites and fleas (from the rodents), as well as taking on a generalized foul odor from the urine. large areas inside buildings become drenched with urine over time, creating a disagreeable "mousey odor".

Rodent management control of rats and mice involves sanitation to remove food, water, and harborage areas for the pests, exclusion of rodents from buildings (plugging all entry points in a building), mechanical trapping/removal, and trapping them with baits.

We are providing Rat Pest Control Services for all Commercial and Industrial spaces.
1. Roof rats and sewer rats are among most destructive pests as they have a habit of gnawing frequently and thus can damage structures physically. 
2. They also feed on food meant for humans and spoil it and contaminate it.
3. A building which has been proofed against rats by specialized proofing materials minimizes their entry.
4. Those that do enter buildings can be easily trapped by nontoxic glue boards or other types of traps.
5. Rats are also found outdoors and can be managed by use of baits specially formulated against them.
6. Rat burrows can be filled up with materials that prevent re-infestation and can also be fumigated with approved fumigants when their population needs action to tackle their
    activity and damage.

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