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Mosquito/Flies Control

Prevention of their breeding in stagnant or flowing water helps minimize their population. We are providing Mosquitoes Control Services for all Commercial and Industrial spaces.

1. Indoor residual sprays and cold fogging by use of odorless pesticides are additional methods to tackle these winged pests that deliver nasty bites.

2. Screening windows and keeping doors closed during peak mosquito activity (dusk and dawn) are simple measures that limit the entry of mosquitoes into buildings.

3. Use of larvicidal chemicals that prevent the development of adult mosquitoes is the most certain method to prevent continuous generation of the adult mosquito population.

As mosquitoes are a community-wide problem, they have to be dealt with by an integrated approach that includes prevention of water stagnation against their larvae and limited pesticide application to kill adults.

We, at Navbharat Pest Control, endeavor to terminate mosquitoes and flies by using advanced equipments and chemicals. We carry out this service in three different stages:
1. Larva or Egg stage
2. Residual stage or spraying insecticides where the insects reside / stay Space spray or aerial spraying
3. Our expertise and industry reputation have made us preferred service provider to schools, libraries, food retailers, food processors, hospitals, pharmaceutical units,
    supermarkets and storage units.

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